• a. Available in plates or strips, with or without grooves. See our price list for the full range of product, or contact us if you have a special requirement in mind.
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  • b. Easy to install for the DIY enthusiast (full instructions for installation of Seacork® can be provided), or why not ask one of our professional fitters to carry out the work for you?
  • c. Day to day maintenance is simple! A light wash with your usual non-abrasive detergent should keep your deck looking great for a very long time (We have found All purpose Yacht Ultraclean one of the best for your cork deck)
  • Occasionally, when the surface loses its shine and becomes smooth from wear and tear, a light sanding with fine sandpaper, followed by a single coat of surface protector will bring your decks back to their original beauty.
  • d. Should your Seacork® ever need repair, a near-invisible restoration can be made, using a simple patch, cut to shape, and glued in place using our recommended adhesive. Contact us if you require any further advice or help for any specific repairs that you may need.
  • e. Weight, lightness, durability, suppleness, and strength, makes Seacork® ideal for decking. Moreover, being able to fit it around the most complex of shapes, means that this highly flexible decking material is the perfect choice for installation on your boat.


  • f. If you would like to commission a completely original and personalised design or artwork for any application of Seacork®, then we can help. Whether it’s creating a unique panel engraved with your boat name, or a simple geometric design such as a Compass Rose, our bespoke service will be able to fulfil your brief to a highly professional and creative standard
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  • g. It isn’t just the ideal material for your decks… there are many other applications for Seacork®, including non-slip table tops or insulation for your refrigerator, to name but a few! Just let your imagination go!
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