Safety is of prime importance when aboard any vessel. Non-abrasive Seacork®, combining its natural cushioning properties with its non-slip attributes, provides a firm footing and a soft impact whatever the conditions.  

    • Naturally non slip, with a traction rating of 15 dN/cm2, stops you from sliding around your boat, and significantly improves safety on board.
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    • Its slip resistant properties are retained even when wet, making Seacork® the perfect choice for your boat, and giving you a sure-footing in all conditions
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    • Relieving the impact on your joints and knees when moving around on deck, cork is a natural shock absorber with a compressibility of 15-20%. When the cork is subjected to pressure, the gas in the cells is compressed and volume reduces considerably. When released from pressure, Seacork® recovers very rapidly to its original shape. These unique shock-absorbing properties ensure that your decking is more comfortable to walk and stand on.
    • If you have ever kneeled down on a deck, then you will know what we mean! Even with its slip-resistant properties, Seacork® is non-abrasive - easy on your sailing gear as well as your skin.

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