a theproduct1Seacork® a superior, eco-friendly, slip-resistant and light-weight deck covering material, with excellent inherent strength, acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Its natural look and versatility make Seacork® the perfect choice for your marine application.
Seacork® can be installed on any vessel, GRP, Composite, Steel, Aluminium, Ferro-cement or Wood. The ease of installation, utilising a weatherproof polyurethane adhesive ensures that the long lasting benefits of your SEACORK deck will be retained year upon year.

45% Suberin: a complex fatty acid, and the principal component of cork, responsible for it’s elasticity.
27% Lignin: An integral part of the cell walls of Cork.
12% Polysaccharides: The part contributing to the definition of the texture of cork.
6% Tanins: Determining  the characteristic colour.
5% CÚro´des: The hydrophobic part which helps to ensure the impermeability.
5% Various: Minerals, water, glycerin and others

Cork , the principal component of Seacork® is a prime-subset of generic cork tissue, harvested for commercial use primarily from the Cork Oak tree, Quercus suber.
Cork is a vegetal material, composed of micro cells, generally in polyhedral form, with the intercellular spaces filled with a gas, whose composition is identical to air.
The season of “barking” begins in July and is completed in September. The bark is detached with great care in order not to affect the phellogenic layer  (the tissue or secondary meristem), which gives rise to the new cork tissue.
The first stripping of cork from the young trees is only carried out when it is at least 25 years old, and the circumference of the trunk reaches 70 cm. Moreover, the harvesting of cork from a tree will only be carried out every 9 years thereafter.
The special characteristics of cork and its many applications are due to the honeycomb structure of this material and the nature of the cellular membranes. Cork is resistant to wear, impermeable, elastic and yet stable in size, with a remarkable capacity for heat insulation and vibration suppression.


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