This lightweight material, both durable and weather resistant, makes Seacork® the perfect choice for your marine application. From the competitive, extreme sports enthusiast to the amateur boat devotee, we have a product that will suit your requirements

    • Perfect for saving weight, without compromising on safety, Seacork® has a density of just 400Kg/m3 which means that a plate measuring 1 meter square (in 8mm thick material) weighs just 3.2kg - Less than 2/3rd of a similar sized piece of teak!
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    • Virtually impervious to all chemicals normaly associated with marine use, as well as nail polish and high heels! Durable Seacork® is impact resistant with amazing recovery properties. You are a product lifelong dent-free, stain-free surface, unmatched by any traditional or non traditional decking material.
    • Cork contains a natural substance called suberin. Suberin is a waxy type of substance that makes the cork impervious to liquids and the cork will not rot, wether exposed to water or not. It is fully weather resistant even in the most severe coastal regions.
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    • Seacork® remains stable at temperature extremes, and with a specific heat measured at> 1500 J/(Kg K), provides a comfortable and safe footing in all weathers, cool when it is hot, warm when it is cold....

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