The appeal of this natural product extends further than just aesthetics. It is strong and durable, yet has a density of only 400 Kg/ m3 (An 8mm thick plate, 1 metre square weighs only 3.2kg!). Seacork® is soft and comfortable underfoot, even in the blazing sunshine with its low thermal conductivity and, in fact, remains stable at extreme temperatures at both ends of the scale.

  • a. Both strong and durable, Seacork® will stand up to the rigours of a voyage, retaining its beauty year on year.


  • b. The captive air in cork cells makes it a natural insulator - Cork is probably one of the oldest insulation materials used commercially, providing both sound and heat insulation properties:
    • i. Thermal conductivity 0.05/0.06 W/(m K)
    • ii. Thermal diffusivity < 1.60.10-7 m˛/S
    • iii. Specific Heat > 1500 J/(Kg K)


This "air cushion" of cork enables it to absorb vibration and deaden sound.

  • c. With a compressibility ratio of 15-20%, cork returns to its original shape time after time.
  • d. Soft under foot and non-slip when wet, this superior product, combining its natural cushioning properties with its non-slip surface, provides the safest of surfaces underfoot imaginable.
  • e. Who can deny the natural beauty of cork? Each plate of Seacork® is unique, made up from the many different shades of Cork. Its aesthetic appeal, designed and tailored to your individual requirements, will give you long lasting pleasure.
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